Julia Trinder - a highly qualified & experienced pilates teacher. After completing training courses with Pilates Training Solutions and Future Fit, Julia served an apprenticeship with Tania Neeson. 


The Reformer
taught by Lolita San Miguel 

Gluteals and their link to low back pain
taught by Chrissy Romani-Ruby 

Advanced workout – Simple moves taught by Amit Younger

Core Align Level 1 Instructor Training
taught by Portia Page

The Feet – The Foundation of Pilates
taught by Lolita San Miguel

Myofascia approach on the Core Align
taught by Elizabeth Larkam 

Scapulohumeral Rhythm, Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Impingement with Pilates taught by Karen Clippinger

Fletcher Pilates Fusion Training
(Towelwork/Barrework/Floorwork) taught by Ronnie Green

Fascinating Fascia Workshop
Dr Robert Schleip 

Fascia Research Update Clinical Implications for Myofascial Work  Dr Robert Schleip

Managing the Young Adult Hip Arthroscopy and Beyond
lecture Mr David Hollinghurst Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Myofascial Release Techniques for Fitness Professionals
taught by Carolyne Anthony

Movement Strategies in the Contemporary Pilates environment taught by Elizabeth Larkam  

Pilates Post-Rehabilitation Programs for Hip and Knee replacement
taught by Elizabeth Larkam  

Mat for Motor Control, Stability and Balance
taught by Elizabeth Larkam

Reframe Core Control – Fascia Oriented training for the Deep Front Line in the Contemporary Pilates Environment
taught by Elizabeth Larkam

Understanding what you see: Assessment Techniques for Pilates Instructors
taught by Madeline Black  

Wrist to Shoulder
taught by Madeline Black

Pilates for Buff Bones – Licensed Instructor
taught by Rebekah Rotstein

Standing and Spiraling Full Body Integration
taught by Rebekah Rotstein

Multiple Sclerosis – Apparatus, Matwork & Accessories Exercise Specialist
taught by Mariska Breland Inspirational Talk and one to one private session – Pilates and Psyche –  with Mary Bowen Pilates Elder and First generation teacher & Psycho  Analyst

Balanced Body Barre Instructor Training
taught by Portia Page

Pilates and Neuroscience
taught by Anna Maria Vitali

MBodies Training Academy Women’s Wellness Specialist covering the following Modules  
Pilates for Buff Bones – Osteoporosis in depth training (Rebekah Rotstein) 
taught by Imelda Noble and Loraine Prokopiou  

Pink Ribbon programme training
taught by Doreen Puglisi MS  

Pilates Applications for Pelvic Floor
Health and Dysfunction 
taught by Carolyne Anthony  

Healing Exercises for Diastasis Recti and C Section 
taught by Carolyne Anthony  

Pilates for Menopause Program Mat and Equipment 
taught by Carolyne Anthony